Vacuum barrier PA/PE bags – “PROEXVAC”

Vacuum packaging bags provide an oxygen barrier. Due to the fact that it is insulated from external conditions, the packed product remains fresh for much longer, does not dry out and does not lose its taste qualities. For the production of vacuum bags, we use films of various thicknesses from 60- to 200 MIC, depending on the customer’s needs and the type of products packaged. On request, we print on bags according to the customer’s design. Application:

  • fresh meat,
  • cold meats,
  • fish,
  • pickled products,
  • peeled vegetables.

Vacuum barrier bags for cooking – “PROEXCOOK”

The bags are intended for preparing to dishes using the Sous Vide method. Selected group of bags, meeting all safety standards, suitable for cooking.

“DOYPACK” bags

We make packaging from multilayer laminates: colourless, colour, metallised, and aluminium with the use of such combinations as (PA/PE, PET/PE, PET MET/ PE, PET/AL/PE, PA/ PET/PE etc.). It is possible to print them using the interlayer flexographic method. Each DOYPACK can be equipped with a zip-like string, a euro-pendant and an „easy-open” cut to facilitate the opening of the bag. DOYPACK bags are used in the packaging of many types of products:

  • food (seeds, dried fruits, nuts, coffee, grains, tea, salts, dried mushrooms, herbs, dietary supplements, ketchup, sauces, spices, nutrients for athletes)
  • chemical (granulates, powders, household chemicals, sea salts, shampoos)
  • confectionery (sweets, lollipops, etc.)
  • and many more

Barrier shrink bags – “PROEXSHRINK”

They ensure the exact adhesion of the packaging to the product. To obtain the desired effect after packaging, the product is placed in a suitable chamber for a short time. In this way, the film shrinks around the product under the influence of temperature.

Bags for coins and banknotes

Bank bags made out of transparent vacuum PA/PE foil are adapted for various types of packaging machines. Packages are tailor-made for individual needs. We use different foil thicknesses, appropriate for packaging the banknotes or coins. All types of packages can also be offered with or without overprint, depending on the requirements and needs of our Customers.

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